Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm moving! - Tres Importanté!

 Hi lovelies!
Just wanted to let you all know that:

Please find my new blog

Hope to see you all there



Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back to Mac - 3 New Lipsticks

Hello lovelies!
So I went to the Mac counter and back to mac'ed... (ehm can you say that?) for 3 lipsticks...
If you are not familair with the Back to Mac program, here is what it is:
You bring back 6 empty plastic or glass Mac items and you get a free lipstick for it. In the USA in Pro Stores you can also get a free lipstick or eyeshadow.
Little heads up: Sometimes they do not take back the empty pots that you get when you depot an eyeshadow. Or so I have heard. I did bring them back to Mac in London and Paris. They did not have a problem with it whatsoever.
I decided to go for colours that I would normally not really go for
Except for one.
The nude of course!
Have to stay a little bit inside of my comfort zone right;)
So here are the colors I picked

Milan Mode, Vegas Volt and Hue

Milan Mode
Vegas Volt

So I went for a pink, a coral and a nude!
One of each... so proud of myself;)
What's you favourite Mac lipsticks?
Any thoughts or stories about Back 2 Mac?
Let me know!



Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oh Donna!

Hello lovelies!
Hope you all had an amazing weekend!
So.. I have been on the hunt for the perfect white watch...
And FINALLY I have found it!
I bought this in Paris in a little jewelry boutique
I saw it... And just could not resist getting it!

What do you think?



Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back from Paris - Pictures, Rambles and Haulage Part 2

Hello Lovelies!
Today I wanted to show you my Paris Snapshots day 2!
I don't mean to be ranting on my blog because this I want this blog to be positive..
But as you know..
My experience in Paris just wasn't what I hoped and expected it to be...
And some people did find it interesting what to it I did not like or what happened..
So here are the deeds and the whole lotta drama of my citytrip to Paris
Strap on your seatbelts... And let's go!:
I left on a Sunday and had to get up at 4 am... Of course because of the excitement of finally going to Paris was huge so I didn't sleep a lot that night... At 4.30 my dad (who was sweet enough to get up to take me) left to go to the airport. Everything was fine. I was still on Dutch grounds and feeling independent and fearless for taking a trip by myself.
Did a whole lotta duty free shopping and felt awesome cause of my good purchases!
Got on the plane and landed safely in Charles de Gaulle...
But then...
I had paid extra for a shuttle to pick me up at the the airport... I had to call when I arrived there and a shuttle would come and pick me up half an hour later.
I waited downstairs in the arrival hall for half an hour.
I felt like I was being checked out by this creepy guy.
But you know when you are in one of those situations and you just don't know weather someone is checking you out or just looking somewhere near you.
I did not have one of those situations.
This guy was clearly checking me out!.. and when I say he was creepy... Just multiply the creepyness by 10x in your head
I was walking towards me and asked firstly in French but then figured I didn't speak French in English
"What are you waiting for?" I simply replied "My shuttle" In my head I kept repeating... Stay calm... Stay calm... Then he told me I was waiting in the wrong place.
I had to go upstairs and he would show me where I needed to go.
Ew ew ew!
I did follow him but he had a suitcase cart thing and I had just my little suitcase and my carry on bag.
He told me to follow him all the way down the hall and then we could share an elevator and go upstairs
This is when I freaked out.
No no no no no!
I saw a bunch of stairs and just grabbed my suitcase and ran up those stairs
Only thing... No shuttle to be found...
So I waited for 10 minutes...
20 minutes...
30 minutes..
I called the shuttle company again
And with my high school French I understood that I had to wait downstairs
I had been waiting for an hour by then.
Not good!
Why did I believe the creepy guy?
He went and asked these ladies at the airport something in French.
They said "Qui" and pointed upstairs.
So I figured he was right.. Stupid of course cause I had no idea what he actually asked the ladies. For all I know he asked " Where is the departure hall? Upstairs?"
Oh well.. So I went downstairs again and waited for another half hour... Turns out in France when they say have an hour, you have to multiply that by 3 to get the exact time.
The driver was dangerous!
Texting with one phone, calling with the other one, cutting in front of people... feared for my life!
Of course I was the first person on his route to be picked up and he had to pick up 3 more people/families until the van was stuffed with a German couple screaming at each other, an American talking on his phone and a UK family with 2 very obnoxious screaming children.
I swear... Felt like I was in a freaking movie!
After a half hour of: COMPLETE AND UTTER HELL I finally got to my hotel.
Where of course I could not check in yet
I could leave my suitcase though..
Only thing is.. My carry on was about 10 kilos...
Went into Paris anyways and figured I would go to the Champs Elysee and to the HUGE Sephora they have there! So I went to the nearest metro: Gare du Nord
There you can figure out how the hell you buy a ticket for it...
Turns out.. Buying 10 tickets at a time.
Much cheaper.
The line was huge and I had to wait a very lo-hong time before I finally got to the machine
Every person who was in line basically had no idea what they were doing or how to buy a ticket..
Then I had to figure out where to go and how the hell this Metro system worked..
Put a ticket in the machine, walk toward the spin thing, go through the spin thing, wait until the doors open ( do not walk into them thinking they will open. They won't) and you're there!
Now.. which line to take?
I figured, with my excellent map skills, that number 4(dark purple at the station, hot pink on the map) would be a good choice.
I finally got into the metro and I was on my way.... Comparing it to the London tube system... It's like algebra. Also I feel like even though a lot of people in London are not tourist they do announce "London Bridge" or whatever after the station name...
In Paris? Mais non! They don't do that.
I got off at Des Halles.
Which apparently was a mall type thing... The mother ship calling me home!
Only thing?
It was closed.
Sucked donkey balls men!
So I had to figure out how to get to another line... Turned out got off at the wrong stop!
So I decided to walk!
I figured, I have a map and a brain, let's do this dude!
Ehm not as easy as it sounds...
I first got lost in the mall!
Found a Mac store that was closed and then  walked around in circles for a while.. Then I finally found an exit ( which I have learned is SORTIE in French) and walked towards the wrong side of the city... woopsie!
The map that I had really wasn't detailed enough so I got lost... A LOT!
All the stores were closed so I could not buy another one..
I finally found my way to the Louvre.
On my way there a saw a very pretty church and went inside..
OH-MY-GOD! They had an actual service going on and I seriously just walked in there?
I did not know what to do! Whether to sit down? Or walk out? Or what? I decided to move over to the side of the church and light a candle for my grandparents that passed away.
Some tourist where in there as well taking flash photos and talking loudly..
I mean really? Have some respect.
I just walked around and found my way to the Sortie.
And there it was.
The Louvre.
It's big... Let me tell you that!
It really is!
People tell ya it big... But you have no idea untill you have seen it!
Walked all the way through the Tulliers gardens and made my way to the Champs Elysee.
(this walk takes about 3 hours so far... I do not recommend doing this with 10 kilos of carry on)
The walk was pretty but I was hurting all over!
When I finally made it to the Concorde I was so happy!
According to my map, which I should not have trusted, I was almost at the beginning of the Champs Elysee.
Little did I know some kind of festival was going on and it was really really REALLY busy!
In the meanwhile my stomach started to literally SCREAM for food...
I realized I had not eaten since I got on the plane..
I tried to find somewhere to eat.. Some kind of McDonalds or Quick(sorta like MacDonalds) but it was all so crowded cause of that damn festival!
So I decided to just go to the Sephora and then go back to the hotel...
I finally found it after more then 4 hours of walking and almost did a happy dance!
I got so many good and lovely things there that it made my day so much better!!!!
I walked for about 20 minutes more before finding George V, a metro station.
After jumping on line 4 at Chatelet... I was almost back at the hotel!
I checked in and took a loooooooong bath!
This is the moment when something in me cracked and I just wanted to go home!
I thought about everything that had gone wrong that day and was just done with all of it...
I called my parents crying and going mad saying that I had the most horrid day and just wanted to come home.. After my dad calmed me down quite a bit I went to the desk where thankfully a very nice man helped me out and checked the Thaylys(train) rates to go home...
I said I had to leave cause of a family emergency... Hehe... Sorry!
Turned out I was stucked there for the night and I could not go home right then and there.
So I decided to find a place where I could get food and a glace of wine.
I walked for like 5 minutes and found a McDonalds right there! Right near my hotel.
I ordered a whole bunch of food and went back to my room to eat it in bed and watch Vampire Diaries on my Ipad.
I fell asleep at 9 at night and woke up feeling a lot better when it was day 2.
My dad was so concern that he called me that morning and just told me to go to the Louvre and spend the day there.
I had breakfast in the hotel and made my way to the Louvre.
But first wanted to go to that Mac store that I found to Back2Mac for some lipsticks.
Turns out she had none of the lipsticks I wanted... She then send me to another warehouse type of store that I could not find for the life of me...
Decided to just give up and go to the Louvre
I spent most of the day there and got lost a couple of times in there..
It's just so damn big.
I then made my way to Sephora on Champs Elysee again with my Back2Mac goodies.
I had to get me some lipsticks.
The guy there was so unhelpful that it did ruin my day a little bit...
None of the lipsticks that I wanted were on stock AGAIN and I was beginning to feel the blues of day 1 AGAIN!
I went to Gare du Nord and spent over an hour there trying to get home.. I don't know what got into me.. But I just completly lost it!
I wanted to go home so badly!
Turned out... a one way ticket was € 114!!!
OMG!!!! Crazy!
I had seen a fabulous DKNY watch that was € 150...
I figured I would get the watch and just have to suck it up another day!
I decided to go back to the hotel... but on my way there I found a little supermarket where I bought a baguette and a couple of Crunch bars (my favorite chocolate bars) and some other goodies.
I ate everything in bed again and watch Vampire Diaries again on my Ipad.
On the 3rd day I had breakfast at the hotel again and made my way to the Notre Dame.. Which was very beautiful!
I then figured I would walk allong the Seine and go to the Eiffel Tower.
Turns out I walked in the opposite direction and not allong the Seine but allong some other river.
Got lost. AGAIN!
These streets... Oh gosh!
You have no idea! Crazy Maze!
I finally found some sort of train station, not metro and found my way to the Eiffel Tower.
Which was Beautiful.
Don't know what to tell you!
It's amazing! I loved it!
I then walked and found this cute restaurant where I decided to have a late lunch.
I had the worst Garcon (waitor) in the world.
I am always supernice and he was just an asshole.
When I said "Merci"
He said nothing.
When I said I wanted this and "S'il vous plait"
He said "hmmpfff"
I threw things on my table.
He was really getting on my nerves by this time.
I ordered a glass of wine and it was gross and € 8!
I did not expect that and did not have enough cash.
I wanted to pay with my Visa.
When I asked if I could he said "No! dfjeo enndwehfowefk" That is a French sentance that I did not understand.
So I said... Ok where is the nearest ATM?
He started mumbling again and walked away from my table.
I really felt like this was a joke and cameras could come out any second.
Boiling points or something!
I came back with a.... FREAKING ATM MACHINE!!!!!!
I paid and left.
No tip for him.
I walked all the way through Rue Dominque and passed the Seine.
Got on the metro and made my way back to the Hotel.
Where I watched Vampire Diaries of course;)
Then I made my way to McDonalds again and ate it in bed... AGAIN:)
You can tell this trip was very good... diet wise as well!
At 6.30 am my alarm went of and I got up and got ready to leave.
Had breakfast downstairs and then waited for my shuttle.
Which this time was only 15 minutes late. Of course I was the first one to be picked up again so I spent nearly an hour and a half in that freaking shuttle.
Check in was busy but I talked to a really nice older American Couple from Jacksonville who thought I was American as well.. haha fooled ya!;) Kidding...:)
Then I learned that Charles de Gaulle... SUCKS for shopping and I just bought some magazines and read those. In the meanwhile the French aiportground staff decided to just go on the strike in the middle of the day... So the flight was delayed by an hour!
Just to add into the fun trip that I already had been having!
I was seated next to a very sleepy Japanese woman, who gets very slimey when she sleeps.
When I finally got to Amsterdam...
My mom was no where to be found!
Turns out she couldn't make it and I had to go home by train..
So I got myself a Starbucks... Sucked it all up...
And made my way home!
After getting on a different train... twice.. I finally made it to the station after 2 hours of travelling!
My brother was there to meet me and take me down to the car where my mom was and finally go home!
Never felt so good to come home!
As you can probably understand I was really tired and happy to be home but forgot that my mom, her friend and me where going to Zorro the musical that night.
So I finally was in bed by 12 am and slept like a baby untill 6.30am which was the time to get up and go to work.
If you lasted the entire Paris Fiasco and you have read all of it..

Here are the rest of the snapshots and Part 2 of my Paris Haul at the End

Hope you liked this REALLY long post!



Saturday, July 09, 2011

Birthday Girl FOTD

Hello lovelies,
Hope all of you are doing fabulous!
So on Monday I will officially be 22!
Will be celebrating my bday with friends and family today though!
So here's what I wore and what I am wearing make up wise;)

* Skin79 BB cream
* Benefit Boing in 01
* Mac MSF Natural in Light
* Nars Laguna bronzer
* Nars Orgasm blush 
* Nars Albatross highlight

* Mac Vintage selection Paint pot
* Urban Decay Sin eyeshadow all over the lid and the inner corner
* Mac Corduroy eyeshadow in the crease, outer V and smudged in between the outer part of my bottom lashes
* Mac Brule as a highlight
* Lacome artliner
* NYC Glamour lashes cut in half and applied to the outer part
* YSL Singulier mascara

* Mac Naked Honey skin salve

Oh and I'm wearing this cute... ehm tunique?
How do you spell that haha;)

Hope you like this look!



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