Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Diet Plans for Asthma Patients

A healthy diet always keeps a person fit and healthy. Eating healthy foods also helps you in breathing easily. Yes, we are talking about Asthma patients. Have you ever think about treating any disease by changing your dietary plan? When a person is having allergies or Asthma he/she must be more conscious about what to eat or what not. So, here is a complete diet plan for Asthma patients containing foods to eat and foods to avoid:

Foods to Eat

Fresh Fruits:  According to a latest study children who eat more fruits during their early ages have fewer chances of asthma allergies throughout their life. Fruits that are rich in vitamin C and E can reduce swelling in lungs which help people to breathe easily. Fruits like kiwis, apples, oranges are good for lowering the risk of Asthma.

Honey: Consuming a spoon of honey in the morning has many benefits for health from weight loss to reduce allergies. It stimulates your immune system and also helps to keep your chest clear.

Green Leafy Vegetables: Fresh vegetables contain a good amount of Vitamins and Flavonoides which help to reduce free radicals in body which make asthmatic patients more allergenic.

Maintaining Body-Weight: The condition of asthma patient worsens with his/her increasing body weight. Maintaining weight is always good for overall health and when you are suffering from asthma, it is more crucial.

Vitamin D:  You should include food in your diet that contains a good amount of Vitamin D. Sun is a good source of Vitamin D, so spending some time in the sun once a day can help a lot.

Foods To Avoid

There are many foods that are known for increasing chances of Asthma including:

Salts: If you are consuming too much salt then there is more probability of having Asthma. Also, more salt can worsen the condition of an Asthma patient. Do not offer your kids packed snacks and processed foods. Studies have shown that less we consume salted foods more will be the chances of staying healthy.

Foods Containing Monosodium glutamate: This salt is present in a good amount in packaged Chinese foods. People love to eat Chinese food but it can affect your overall health especially if you are suffering from allergies. So staying at a distance from these foods is good for your long term health.

Raw Milk: Although raw milk has a number of amazing health benefits but it is not good for people suffering from Asthma. So, if you have asthma or allergies, do not consume raw milk.

Other foods that contain Sulphites such as wine, pickles and dried foods should also be avoided.

So, this was the list of a perfect diet plan for the Asthma Patients containing foods that must be avoided to reduce the effect of Asthma. Taking proper foods is directly associated with maintaining long term health. You may have read some food blogs including long-term health reviews that show how eating healthy foods can keep you away from diseases. So, always eat healthy and live a long and disease-free life.